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On behalf of all American Harley-Davidson Sportster enthusiast, we welcome you to The team has benefited from the contributions of other HD enthusiast since the Sportster founding more than 50 years ago, and we are certain that our newest followers will continue this storied legacy.


Freedom and opportunity are of the utmost importance in the American Sportster world and we wish you the very best as you take your journey. As a owner of a H-D Sportster, you have made the decision to be part of  history and belong to a bigger family called Harley-Davidson. It is now your responsibility to at least learn about the Sportster rich history; the bikes, the riders. For the really curious, custom Sportsters, parts for cool modifications and so much more.


If you settle into the idea of buying your first Harley Sportster, will help you find access to basic and detailed information about the Sportster motorcycle. As well you will notice that we have put up a nice way for you to shop the classified ads with Harley-Davidson Sportster for sale and motorcycle parts; seats, mufflers, accessories and more. wants to ad a variety of resources for you. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about this motorcycle as you are now a valued part of our family. Your contributions will help ensure the success of for years to come. We hope you enjoy your AmericanSportster ride.


Visit American Sportster Forum to ask and answer to all kinds of query. Expose your ride in our showroom, give us your own review, come and talk around the water cooler. is in no way affiliated with the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. primary objective is to be a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle enthusiast gathering point (some could call it a Sportster fan site, a Sportster resources center, a place for amusement, a communication tool, a place to share history, a community home base, etc.) is not affiliated and does not represent any other products or brands or company or society or people or web site.